Tim Peel

Tim Peel
Director, Cyber Threat Research

Tim Peel leads Cyber Threat Research within Okta's cyber defence team. 

Tim Peel and Laremy Legel

Social Engineering is Getting More Extreme, but the Fixes Can Be Simple

Social engineering is a hacking technique older than the internet itself, and it's tempting to think you've already seen it all. But recently, we've noted a trend among threat actors pursuing more sophisticated and aggressive techniques to trick, or even threaten, users into performing their desired actions. Their campaigns are convincing, brazen, and at times alarming. In this blog post, we want to talk about some of the techniques we've seen (or been made aware of) and provide some practical...

Moussa Diallo and Tim Peel and Brett Winterford

Defending against Session Hijacking

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is very effective at limiting what an adversary can do with a stolen password. According to research commissioned by Google in 2019, MFA thwarted 99% of automated credential-based attacks and 93% of phishing campaigns. It remains one of the most essential and effective controls against account takeovers. In some circumstances (outlined below), MFA can be bypassed. Okta’s Cyber Threat Research team has observed the proliferation of malware designed to extract...